xenvo pro lens kit for iphone review

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xenvo pro lens kit for iphone review

Xenvo pro lens kit for iPhone review


xenvo pro lens kit for iphone review


Nowadays Xenvo pro lens kit is the most popular Smartphone camera lens that many people love it. This lens even beat the Moment Smartphone camera lenses. So this article will show you the xenvo pro lens kit for iPhone review and how this is better than other lenses.
You may wonder how I know xenvo pro lens kit is the best lens for iPhones and smartphones. Actually, I was searching for the best lens to write an article. but as I search best Lens for iPhone so everywhere is xenvo pro lens kit for iPhone review, so there are hundreds and thousands of people across the world that think this lens is pretty awesome. I read many articles, and I realized that the xenvo pro lens kit is really so good for iPhone and smartphone. So here I will share with you how this is a great photo lens nowadays.

About Xenvo pro lens kit iPhone review

Brand Xenvo
Lens Type  TruView 0.45x, Wide Angle Lens, Clarus 15x Macro Lens, TruGrip Lens Clip, GlowClip.
Compatible Mountings ALL iPhone models Samsung Galaxy and Note Google Pixel Huawei and more
Focus Type Manual Focus
Model Name WML-45


Including Mini Rechargeable LED Light + Charging Cable, Quick-Release Lanyard, DuraCase, EasyClip, Cleaning Cloth, and LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Xenvo pro lens kit USB drive

xenvo pro lens kit USB drive


I don’t want to get into it. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this article talking about it. but I do want to mention it to you guys. Now packaged with this lens is a USB pen drive. When you open up the box it’s very predominant that this USB pen drive is included in this box. The manufacturer goes above and beyond to make sure that you use this pen drive on your laptop. install this pin drive on your laptop to be able to watch a video on how to use this lens and register for an extended warranty.

In 2020 and 2021 where we don’t need pen drives anymore. We’ve got a little thing called the internet and we can go to youtube to watch videos on how to use this lens. Or we can go straight to the manufacturer’s website to register the product there and watch their demo videos on how to use the lens.


Xenvo pro lens kit USB drive contains Virus?

There’s a USB pen drive included in this box and not only is it included in this box but the manufacturer goes above and beyond and out of their way to make sure that you install this pen drive on your computer. They almost make it sound like this lens won’t work unless you do that. So in my mind that puts up red flags and makes it highly suspicious and suspect I haven’t installed this pen drive on my computer.

I have no idea what’s on this pen drive. But there are other people out there you can go over to amazon and read reviews about it. You can search google about it. But other people say that there’s spyware on it, that there’s malware on it and all kinds of stuff on there. I don’t know if that’s true or not true. I will just tell you that it’s a very expensive product. The packages with a lens that’s not relevant in 2021 and the fact that they go above and beyond and out of their way to make sure that you install this on your computer. Just makes it seem a little suspect. I’ll tell you what I did with mine it went right in the trash.


Xenvo pro lens clip

xenvo lens clip

The xenvo is a universal lens that can be used for every phone because of this clip. It’s so Easy to Use the clip and it works for every phone. Just simply Screw the lens on the clip and then open the lens and put it on the front end or backend smartphone camera



xenvo pro lens kit for iphone review



Truview lens will give you a super clear and wide-angle view. Shoot stunning photos of your friends and people, pets, travel scenery, landscapes, architecture, selfies, and more.

This lens is good for outdoor to capture wonderful views to cover a wide area than a simple lens and with no dark corners like a cheap lens. capture area will increase by 80%. You will clearly see the difference between truview lens and without the lens.





xenvo pro lens kit for iphone review


CLARUS 15x MACRO LENs will give you the ability to capture the smallest objects with clear focus and photos. Capture all the intricacies and details with precision-focus for razor crisp macro photos every time. For best result take a photo from approx 1/2 inch from the subject.



led light

GlowClip led light helps you create enough light on an object and make it clearer and visible for the lens to capture a more clear shot. also, this is so useful to capture in dark places. The led have 3 kinds of settings. Low, medium, and high. You can set it whatever you want. You can control it easily from your phone. Say goodbye to frustrating photo “retakes” and hello to brilliant photos the first time.

  • Included with every lens kit.
  • Warm-Glow LED Lights.
  • Adjustable brightness. Three settings.
  • USB rechargeable. Cable Included.
  • Clip it ANYWHERE on your phone.




Xenvo also gives you protection for all the lenses in the shape of a great and strong Box case. It will protect your lens whenever you’re going on travel or for photography. This is a safe and quick way to protect your lens from damage.


“WHOA. Seriously really impressive. I had to write a review about this after opening the box. I didn’t expect it to be of such high quality, and of such a large size. It’s incredible, resembling more a smaller sized SLR than something you’d expect to be used on the phone. It’s an amazing value, no kidding!” Smiley face towelmasterApril 24, 2018

So how was our Xenvo pro lens kit for iPhone review? if you like it so share it with friends 🙂

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