Copedvic v3 Pro Lens Review

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copedvic v3 pro lens review

In this article, we are going to do a copedvic v3 pro lens review designed for your mobile phone and see if it’s worth it or not. I know these things have been out for years now. And there are all sorts of manufacturers all sorts of different kit lenses or kit sizes. However, I can never end up bringing myself to actually purchase one to give it a tryout.

copedvic v3pro camera lens

Copedvic v3 pro camera lens 4 in 1.

In other words, it’s called Copedvic V3 pro 4 in 1, because it comes with a complete set. It is designed especially for photography and videography. Copedvic V3 kit includes three lenses, a clip, a telephoto lens, and a tripod. we will explain it later to each and everyone in this article.

Brand CoPedvic
Lens Type Telephoto
Compatible Mountings iPhone XS MAX XS XR X 8 Plus 8 7 Plus 7 6 Plus 6 5S 5C 5 4S Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus S9 S8 Plus S8 S7 Edge S7 S6 Edge+ S6 Edge S6 Google Pixel 3 XL 3 2 XL 2 XL LG iPad Motorola HTC One Plus HUAWEI and other Android phones
Maximum Focal Length 20 Millimeters
Minimum Focal Length 20 Millimeters

Copedvic V3 pro Case Box

copedvic v3pro camera lens review

We’ve got a really nice case. It does feel like a pleather feeling and it does feel like it has some decent padding in there as well. You’ve got the company name on top.  A little keyring in case you decide to store it on the side of a backpack or let it hang. And of course, you have the zipper to keep all of the lenses themselves within the case. Soon as you open up the case, everything is right there. Laid out for you it’s pretty simple. There doesn’t look like there’s literally any room for anything to hide. The box is super good for traveling to keep all the lenses dust-free and safe inside the box.

Inside the box Case

In copedvic v3 pro lens review, we will show you what’s inside the case, So you’ve got your 22 power Lens. Which does come with an eyepiece, in case you want to use it as like a 22 power like spotting scope, or whatever. A fisheye lens here. A macro lens and a super-wide lens. These Two are screwed together so if you wanted to use those individually you will need to unscrew them. And attach them to the clip separately, and you have two different lens kind of built into one.  You’ve got your 205° fisheye lens again phone holder, your clip tripod, eye case, and a cleaning cloth.

Copedvic V3 Pro 22x Telephoto Lens

22x telephoto lens

The Copedvic V3 Pro 22x Telephoto Lens has a fixed focal length ( not a zoom lens ). You can easily see objects that are far from you. Fix focal length mean that you can not zoom in or zoom out on an object. This lens works well outdoor. You can easily Capture a bird sitting on a tree far from you. Yes, the Photo Quality is Good enough and gives you a clear view.

I know Some people love to capture animals and birds when they for traveling or photography. Also, the Copedvic V3 pro 22x telephoto lens is Design so good and it looks strong and not so heavy. You can easily carry your phone even the lens is attached. The lens has a good-looking cap to cover the lens from dust and damage while not using it. Tell us in the comment how the copedvic v3 pro lens review looks to you?

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Copedvic V3 Pro Fisheye Lens

fisheye camera lens

A fisheye lens is also one of my favorite lenses. They give you 205 degrees of round view. To capture the amazing view on the fisheye lens just attach the lens with your phone. Make sure you adjust the lens with the camera so the dark corners will not appear. Then create Fun and unique circular images from objects. I also read many useful people’s comments on amazon about the fisheye lens. So the fisheye lens works great and gives you unique and funny pictures.

Copedvic V3 Pro 25x Macro Lens

The Copedvic V3 Pro 25x Macro Lens makes you able to take super close-up photos from flowers, insets, and many more small objects. The best shooting distance is 1 to 3 inches. Also a 4K HD 0.67X super wide-angle lens & a 25X macro lens(Screwed Together). You can use both together or unscrewed them and use them separately. With 4K HD lens, you can capture a super Hd wide-angle view.

Copedvic V3 Pro Tripod

The best point is that Copedvic V3 pro gives you free Tripod. I know many lenses of the brand will not give you a free tripod. Copedvic V3 pro tripod is made up of metal. It looks strong and you can make it expand and big and small the legs. It has a good phone Holder. and you can easily move to 360 degrees. Also, you can easily put it in Box case and carry it with you anywhere you want.

Bonus Point free gift

Copedvic v3 pro also gives you a chance to win a free gift. There is a manual inside the Box case. You can redeem it And win a chance to choose another four in one kit or a $20 Amazon gift card. You meet the criteria you more or less can get this kit for almost free which is actually a pretty good deal and I really like it.

Copedvic v3 pro lens Review

Do Copedvic work really well?

Yes, we have tested it on every phone. It gives you the best quality and good photo view. All the lens are working great and give you better results than the sample camera.

The Copedvic pro lens kits will work on my phone?

Yes, they do work with every phone. you can use it on both sides backend or frontend camera. You can just move the clip to adjust it with your phone and make sure the dark corners are not visible in the photo.

If you like copedvic v3 pro lens review so plz comment down and share the article so that the people will also know about this.

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