Best Fisheye Lens for iPhone 8 plus | complete Guide

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Best Fisheye Lens for iPhone 8 plus


 best smartphone Camera lens or iphone 11

Best Fisheye Lens for iPhone 8 plus will take what is already one in every of the most effective smartphone cameras and build it even higher. iPhone lens kits sometimes encompass Associate in Nursing assortmen of lenses generally a camera lens, wide-angle, macro, and a zoom lens yet as a case or clip with that you attach them to your smartphone. Here we’re getting to inspect the highest 5 best iPhone lenses out there on the market nowadays.

We created this list of Best Fisheye Lens for iPhone 8 plus with our own opinion, research, and client reviews. We’ve thought about their quality, features, and values once narrowing down the most effective selections doable. So, here area unit the highest 5 best iPhone lenses.

5)  Aukey Ora Fisheye Lens for iPhone

Aukey Ora Lens


There are several low-cost iPhone lens kits on Amazon, however, many of them are not that good. You get distorted or muzzy pictures or the lens does not align properly together with your iPhone’s camera. The Aukey Ora is a wonderful iPhone lens kit if you do not need to payloads. For starters, the Aukey Ora lens kit comes with 2 lenses: a 140-degree fisheye lens and a 10x macro lens.

Fisheye and 10x macro lens

These lenses perform well against the competition, and that they even accompany a lens cover and carrying case. Impressively sharp throughout most of the field of reading, its 140-degree fisheye lens exhibits solely token curvature.

Its 10x macro lens delivers equally pleasing results. Fine details were sharply centered whereas the shallow depth of field created a soft blur to the rest of the image. there is conjointly enough space between the camera/lens dance orchestra and therefore the subject to lightweight the scene if required, though the in-camera flash may be a touch too bright for a few setups. Because it is a universal clip, the Aukey Ora ought to work with most iPhones, yet as Samsung and different humanoid smartphones.

It comes with a formidable front lens cap; its squeeze-release style is comparable to what you discover on caps for DSLR and mirrorless camera lenses. Another notable feature is that the rubberized contact points on the clamp. It helps forestall slippage once hooked up to the phone. The clamp spring could be very little tight and needs an additional forceful squeeze, however that helps guarantee a decent grip.


Pros & Cons

  • It works with multiple phones.
  • It’s bulkier than different lenses.
  • They are big in size, the lenses and clip will not work into smaller pockets — particularly if you are sporting skinny jeans.
  • It is a very little clangorous after you screw the lenses on to every different, inflicting some metal-on-metal noise.

Although this Aukey Ora solely comes with a macro and a camera lens — it is a nice price for those searching for a reasonable lens kit for his or her smartphone.

4) Olloclip Core fisheye lens Set for iPhone 8 and 7.

Best Fisheye Lens for iPhone 8 plus

If you are using an older iPhone, then Olloclip Core Lens Set is best for you. This kit includes a camera lens, 15x Macro, and a super-wide lens. The super-wide and camera lens sits within the usual plastic base that attaches to the clip.

The Ollocip 15x Macro Lens

The macro lens, however, is an activity within the camera lens clip. The Olloclip comes with a formidable macro lens. A 15x lens is just extraordinary within the camera world, however, this lens kit gets crazy close! A 15x macro could be a pretty extreme close-up — suppose photographing ants or terribly fine details. Getting in that shut creates a slender depth of field that’s not generally related to a smartphone camera, a bearing that’s ambiguous steel.

The Olloclip Super-Wide Optic

The Olloclip super-wide captures a large read while not the distortion of the camera lens. It captures a couple of 120-degree angles of reading, creating it less wide than each the camera lens and therefore the ultra-wide lens that’s not a part of the Core Lens Set however is enclosed within the kit.

Its camera lens, on the opposite hand, is that the softest out of all its lenses. The Olloclip lenses sit within a clip that merely slides over the highest Associate in Nursing iPhone, with 2 completely different sizes to accommodate the iPhone 7 or 8, and iPhone seven and or eight.

Its case can support most screen protectors, however, it’ll not accommodate cases. The clip is additionally double-sided, which implies you’ll be able to have one lens over the rear-facing camera and another lens over the front-facing camera.

Pros & Cons

  • It works with front and back cameras;
  • It’s compatible with older iPhone models
  • it’s small and transportable.
  • its clip won’t work over most iPhone cases thus it’s going to be inconvenient to use for a few.

Versatile and fairly priced, the Olloclip Core Lens Set helps you snap iPhone photos you did not suppose doable.

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3) Shiftcam 2.0 telephotograph ProLens for iPhone 8.

Shiftcam 2.0 telephotograph ProLens.

Among the premium telephotograph iPhone lenses, Shiftcam’s area unit a prime rival for its price, easy use, and performance. Shift cam incorporates a clever mounting system. The lenses screw into a tiny low plate, which itself slides into a bracket on the Shiftcam’s phone case enclosed within the kits. This makes it loads easier — and quicker — to connect the lens to your phone than different lenses.

With its case, you’ll be able to conjointly use Shiftcam’s Multilens system, which could be a series of three, 5, or half dozen lenses designed into one tab. It conjointly permits you to switch between multiple lenses terribly quickly. This is also one of the best for Best Fisheye Lens for iPhone 8 plus.

Shift cam Lens for iPhone 8 and above

Shiftcam’s professional lenses embody a 238-degree camera lens, long-range macro, ancient macro, telephoto, and camera lens.

The lenses provide 2 2x telephotos, 20x macro, 10x macro, 120-degree camera lens, and 180-degree camera lens. unaccustomed to the 2.0 could be a front-facing fisheye lens adapter for cluster selfies. From the previous Shift cam models, the diameters of the 2.0 lenses are inflated for higher stability Associate in the Nursingd area unit is currently protected by an innovative magnetic lens cover.

The case itself, necessary for ShiftCam a pair of.0 to work, has been redesigned. It currently hugs the iPhone with a slim body that won’t add an excessive amount of bulk thereto. At a similar time, it options associate degree anti-slip outer coating and shock-absorbing inner glove to prevent and defend the iPhone within from generally ineluctable mishaps.


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Pros & Cons

  • it’s a wise mounting system
  • It comes at an affordable value.
  • Shift cam solely provides cases for iPhones.

With its spectacular options, Shift cam outperforms
its competitors once it involves telephotograph lenses.


2) Olloclip best fisheye lens for iPhone 8 professional ElitePack.

Most premium iPhone lenses value abundant, particularly if you would like manpower of lenses. Plus, carrying 3 or four separate lenses is cumbersome if you are attempting to travel light-weight. Olloclip has another in its iPhone eleven Elite pack, which has a telephotograph, a fisheye, and a 15x macro lens for an affordable value. While the standard is not as high as you will find with premium lenses,

it’s still excellent and prices a 3rd the maximum amount. The clip that connects the lenses to the iPhone is simpler to use than the competition and lets you swap the lenses around with ease. better of all, the clip allows you to use the lenses with all of the iPhone’s cameras — each front and back.

Olloclip additionally makes clips that accommodate the iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and later, in addition, because of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e. whereas not as sharp as premium lenses from Moment et al., Olloclip’s lenses provide the greatest combination of performance and value.

Pros & Cons

  • It works with each front and rear cameras
  • on iPhone, it’s simply interchangeable;
  • It works with caseless phones
  • It comes with glorious quality for the value.
  • its iPhone stand isn’t durable enough.

do you love to capture photos on iPhone 11 Then this is the best low budget lens for you

1) Moment portrait  fisheye lens for iPhone 8 and above

best fisheye lens for iphone 8 plus

We put the moment lens on top of the Best Fisheye Lens for iPhone 8 plus because Moment makes the most effective iPhone lenses overall. the photographs from Moment’s lenses area unit a number of the most effective that any smartphone lens system attachment ever provided.

These lenses aren’t cheaply fabricated from plastic, factory-made in some dingy mill in terms of hardware. They’re significant very little nubs handcrafted with aerospace-grade metal and therefore the same high-end glass utilized in 4K film lenses.

They mount to the instant case employing a twist and lock system. Snapping it in is sort of straightforward. Moment makes a lens for near to each occasion telephotograph, wide-angle, macro, anamorphic, and camera lens. Its optical lens produces clear and dynamic pictures while not abundant edge distortion. With the macro lens, you can capture the tiniest details of an object.

From the filaments of a mallow flower to its floral leaf veins. The removable diffuser hood, therefore, tens the sunshine so whites aren’t blown out.

Moment portrait lens Cases

The corporate additionally makes cases for a good vary of smartphones, as well as the iPhone seven and up, the Galaxy S9+ and up, and Google’s panel phones. Cases are available in a spread of colors and finishes, and additionally, embrace slim models and ones with further batteries. Besides, Moment additionally sells a spread of filters, including neutral density and circular polarizers. though they do not add conjunction with its lens kits, you’ll be able to use the filters along with your smartphone’s cameras.

Pros & Cons

  • It provides superior image quality.

  • Best Fisheye Lens for iPhone 8 plus

  • other than later iPhone models work

  • with humanoid, like Samsung Galaxy and Note.

  • this one is pricey


And that completes our high Best Fisheye Lens for iPhone 8 plus on the market.

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