80x telephoto lens for mobile

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80x telephoto lens for mobile
80x telephoto lens for mobile

Do you love to capture birds sitting on a wire? This article will show you some best Smartphone camera zoom lenses to improve your Photography zoom. We as of late shared an amazing demo of the xenvo pro lens kit for iPhone. If you’re a cell phone shooter who needs a similar reach without purchasing another camera, look at this crazy 80x telephoto lens for mobile.


The telephoto lens is 395mm (~15.55in) long, giving you a 35mm identical central length of about 2500mm to 3000mm contingent upon which cell phone you’re utilizing. Brando, which sells the focal point, guarantees that it allows you to catch clear shots of individuals’ countenances from 100 meters (~328 feet) away.

There is only a Telephoto lens. If you love to watch another lens kit so check the macro mobile lens and fisheye mobile lens

Proposed utilizes incorporate shows, travel, creature perceptions, and geological prospecting.

It’s accessible for various Samsung Galaxy and iPhone models and accompanies the focal point, a stand and mounting ring, a back case for your telephone that assists you with mounting the focal point, and a velvet conveying case.

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Technical Details

Brand FastTech
Manufacturer TRONICWORLD
Model DX100309
Item model number DX100309
Compatible Devices Apple iPhone and Samsung
Material Aluminum
Form Factor Back cover
Device Type Back cover
Manufacturer TRONICWORLD

It’s available for Samsung Galaxy and iPhone models, it has an Amazing lens, 3 legs of stand and back case for your phone that helps you mount the lens, and a velvet carrying case.

100x zoom lens for a smartphone

a more good mobile zoom lens can help you capture more far objects easily on your mobile. 100x zoom lens for mobile is a super zoom lens that has more power than an 80x telephoto lens for mobile.

Picture Quality

100x zoom lens photo quality is much better than the simple mobile camera lens. Its letter blurry but in my case, it’s far better. Because it’s not easy to Capture objects that are super far from you. I really recommend this 100x zoom lens for mobile. You can easily capture birds sitting on a tree or wire.

100x Zoom Lens Price

It’s not really so expansive. but you will get it around about 70$ to 80$


  • Try not to utilize the zooming focal point at the sun or splendid light source straightforwardly, as it can make quick and irreversible harm to your eyes. Eye harm is frequently easy, so there is no warming to the onlooker that harm has happened until it is past the point of no return.
  • Try not to open the tele to unexpected changes in temperature, as this will bring about the hazing of the optics. Spot the remain on a steady, level surface liberated from vibration and away from heat sources.
  • Keep the thing liberated from dust, build-up, hair, and so forth ..
  • The item is extraordinary, not a toy, please use it with our top-notch stand, use it not just straightforwardly with the case, since it is hefty.

Why buy an 80x telephoto lens for mobile?

As in size, the lens is much bigger and heavy than smartphones. But still, it’s so useful for people who love photography. 80x telephoto lens can easily capture a clear shot photo from more than 100m that is impossible for a smartphone without a lens. It helps you a lot to capture birds and animals from a distance. If you think Nikon can give you a better zoom and wide view so try this one by yourself.

Do 80x telephoto lenses for mobile work?

Our Test proves that Yes they are working with a good Quality focus and clear zoom shot. See the photo Shot taken by 80x Telephoto Lens.

80x Telephoto Lens zoom


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